SEMrush Review: Your All in One SEO Tool to Crush Competitors

SEMrush Review

Are you looking for an SEO tool that could let you easily spy on your competitors, know their top ranking keywords, keywords search volume, backlinks, keyword trends and along with that performs a complete audit on your site showing what areas you should work upon?

SEMrush is the all-in-one answer to all your needs. A perfect SEO tool for known for keyword research and ranking because it gives you everything you would ever need for your website.

The real-time data provided by SEMrush is totally unparalleled when it comes to getting the one SEO tool that gets you everything you need as a blogger or website owner who wants to dominate the search rankings and traffic.

Nothing could be better than having a huge amount of data that shows you what works and what based on which you can easily create your strategy. There are absolutely no guess works since everything is in front of you.

Why Use SEMrush?

Working hard on writing posts to improve our blog performance but many fails and lack of proper keyword targeting is one of the reasons. Along with that, you must know that you are targeting traffic oriented keywords which you can easily do using SEMrush as it helps you see all the keywords using which your competition is ranking.

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How to Use SEMrush?

In this section you will learn:

  1. How to use SEMrush to find the top keywords using which your competitors are ranking

The moment you enter a domain in SEMrush and press enter it will show you the complete data like the organic search traffic, paid search traffic, total backlinks, backlinks type ratio, top anchor texts, referring domains, top ranking organic keywords, main organic position and strength of your competitors, total number of indexed pages, landing pages, text ads, video ads, main positioning of paid competitors and their strength

Suppose “” is your domain or your competitor’s domain and you want to see their complete data then here is what you will get to see in your SEMrush dashboard.

An overview of the domain

SEMRUSH review

So from the above image, you get to see the “domain category”, “organic search traffic”, “paid search traffic” “total backlinks”, “display advertising data” for the domain and its presence in Google display ad network.  Plus SEMrush has a new feature through which you can also see if they are running video ads.

Top Organic Keywords and their Position in SERP

SEMRUSH review

As you can see in the graph on the right that shows the organic position of the keywords with which the domain is ranking. It is one of the best features of SEMrush every serious marketer needs because if “” would have been your competitor then you can easily see which all keywords their domain is ranking along with the position and you could target those keywords with better content to outrank them. For example, you want to see the keywords “” is ranking between 4-10 position in Google SERPs then just hover on the “4-10” graph and it shows “14” keywords clicking which it will land you in another dashboard you can see those keywords along with their SERP position, search volume, keyword difficulty (KD), CPC, landing page link, traffic share estimate, estimated cost of the given keywords in Google Adwords, competitive density of advertisers, total number of URLs displayed in Google search, keyword trends, snapshot of the SERP result and last updated time of the keyword.

SEMRUSH review

What else you need as a marketer or a blogger? You get everything in front you.

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  1. How to perform the right keyword research on SEMrush

Writing a great post is definitely a boon in online marketing and but even if you are writing a great article and not getting enough traffic from the search engine then you have chosen the wrong keyword. Perfect Keyword research is still one of the most discussed topics and before SEMrush it was a process of more guess works in which newbie bloggers and marketers fail most of the time.

Most bloggers make the huge mistake by targeting keywords based on their search volume only. Keyword research is not just about finding the high search volume search terms rather it is about getting those keywords which may have less search volume but conversion intent and low competition so that outranking your competitors could be an easier task.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

The primary reason I am emphasizing you to target long-tail keywords is because their intent is much clear and close in compared with the short or one & two words keywords. For example, a user searching for “android phones” probably just wants to see some android phones whereas if he/she searches for “best android phones under $200” has a very high chance that he/she is planning to buy one.

The best part with long-tail keywords are that they have very low competition which makes them easier to rank. Plus you can expect a huge amount of new visitors every month towards your site with long tail searches.

On an average 70% of online searches are performed with long tail keywords.

You can easily find which all keywords your competitor is ranking for and their positions along with the search volume, competition, CPC etc.  So, if “” is my competitor

  1. How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines for Ad Copies

Suppose your target keyword for ads is “finance calculator” and you want to drive traffic using Google Adwords. CTR matters a lot when it comes to online ad copies and if you are not getting proper clicks your ad effort goes in vain.

Headlines are reason for over 70% traffic to a website.

But SEMrush has an amazing feature using which you can check a keyword in it and the top Adwords ads history. For example, I checked the history of “finance calculator” and it displayed a list of sites (competitors) who performed Adwords campaigns with this keyword.


As you can see the list of sites doing ads with the target keyword and on the right the number of ads keywords they have used. Just click on the numbers and you will get to see all their ads and headlines by hovering on to the “Google’s ad” icon you can see the ad headline. Not just that along with the ad you get to see search volume of the keyword, targeted landing page, CPC, ad placement block in Google’s SERP, keyword trends, costs, the percentage of traffic received. Refer the image below:

SEMRUSH review

You can make a copy of all those headlines based on the traffic scale and use these as title/headlines in your ad campaigns or next blog post or social marketing campaigns.

  1. How to find amazing and untapped link building opportunities which you have been missing

Almost everyone knows about link building but after the evolution of Google’s quality search algorithms, it has been difficult for many to build links that could help not just achieve search rankings but traffic as well.

SEMrush provides this secret opportunity to see what all backlinks your competitors have along with the referring domain and other metrics. You need to go to backlinks > Overview and add the domain you want to spy on. For example, if you are in gadgets review niche then “” is one of your competitions and here is what you will get to see.

SEMRUSH review

Now you can see that has over 25K backlinks but that is not something to focus. Check the number of referring domains because it matters most when it comes to top the top Google ranking factors. More than 1400 different domains have links to the website that means more than 1000 domains refer this site in any way and Google just loves this. Multiple sites referring a domain forms a solid domain authority and Google will always prefer such domains. Plus if you will click on referring domains then you will see the list of websites linking to it, domain quality, the number of backlinks, domain’s IP and caching dates. Refer to the image below:

SEMRUSH review

Now you can make use of this data to shape your link building strategy as you will be able to see many sites that link similar content so your site will also fall within the category. You can create better content for your audience and since 99% of the referring sites will seek and serve similar audience you can contact then as a part of your link outreach strategy. Generally, new site owners and bloggers can expect 30%-40% success with link outreach if their content is great. So, that means if you contacted 100 sites/blog then you can expect 40 high-quality backlinks from different domains that will boost your website’s ranking.

  1. Domain vs Domain – Know where your Domain Stands against your Competitor

Building links, content, driving traffic is definitely great but unless you are not aware of where you stand in the market against your competition there is still certain strategy is left to be implemented.

SEMrush’s “Domain vs Domain” feature makes it possible to analyze 3-5 of your competitors with reports in one dashboard. Just go to Tools > Domain vs Domain and enter up to five competitors whom you want to keep track of.

For example, if you are in the parenting niche like parenting advice, baby care etc and your site is “” then you can add,, as your competitor domains in the box.

I checked with the first two domains i.e.: and and here is the result I got:

SEMRUSH review

You can see in the image above that I got not just the keywords with which my competitors has considerable rankings but along with that I got search volume, keyword trends, competition, intent, and difficulty score as well and based on these data I can shape my next SEO strategy.

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Being honest, I cannot deny the fact the cost of SEMrush may sound a bit more to new bloggers but then I also cannot deny that this SEO tool totally worths it.

They have 3 pricing packages based on user’s requirement and need.

PRO at $99.95/month – As a beginner, you can go for PRO package. Trust me you will be thanking me for suggesting this tool.

GURU at $199.95/month – One of the most popular packages

BUSINESS at custom price – This package is mainly meant for large businesses managing multiple sites of clients.

Also, if you will go for an annual subscription then you can save a lot of money. For example, with an annual subscription on PRO you save $199, on GURU you save $399 and with BUSINESS packages you save $1100 which is huge.

Enjoy this tool for 14 days absolutely free. Go for the FREE Trial.

To be very frank, SEMrush is a boon for online marketers, bloggers and website owners who really want to dominate search rankings with ethical techniques in less time.

Do you have experience of using SEMrush before? Or do you know any other awesome keyword research tool that saves time and gives amazing results? Please share in comments below.

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